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All dogs registration are ABKC

Name: LBK Hera

DOB: 7/17/2020
COLOR: blue and white
Breed: American Bully
Sex: Female
Registration: ABKC/ UKC
Queen Hera is a beautiful blue and white American bully with great mass and bone. She is a very sweet cuddly bully with a great temperament and is great with children and other animals.

Name: MMB Nemisis

DOB: 9/9/2020
Registration: ABKC/ UKC
Nemesis is a sweet energetic bully with a personality for days! She has a perfect structure and comes from a long line of ABKC champions, her pedigree is something special! Her temperament is amazing and she is great around children and other animals!

Name: Incredibullz Zeus

DOB: 1/6/2020
Sex: Male
Color: Blue Tri
Registration: ABKC
ZUES IS A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, BEUATIFUL, LOYAL, AND SWEET BULLY! He is very playful and has a great temperament. Zeus has an incredible pedigree and has won plenty of ribbons at ABKC shows. His structure and color definitely turn heads wherever we go!

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